The scallop is a mollusk from the Pacific Ocean, highly appreciated for the size of its stem. In the case of Sabanamar, the stalk of the scallop is sold without coral, frozen IQF, in bags to preserve all the flavor and quality of the product.

Scientific name: Argopecten purpuratus
Origin: Peru
Zone of capture: FAO 87 – Acquaculture
Presentation: IQF

Half shell Stem with coral Stem without coral
 30-40 lb/pc 10-20 lb/pc 10-20 lb/pc
20-30 lb/pc 20-30 lb/pc
30-40 lb/pc 30-40 lb/pc
40-60 lb/pc 40-50 lb/pc
50-60 lb/pc
60-80 lb/pc
80-100 lb/pc

Form: Half shell, stem with our without coral
Stem: 20 or 30 lb box: 10 bags of 2 lb or 6 bags of 5 lb
Half shell: master box of 10 kg