Sabanamar International

Sabanamar International, part of the Sabanamar Group based in Miami (USA), is a specialist in the commercialization of frozen fish.

It has rapidly become one of the top companies in the commercialization of products such as Ribbonfish, Lobster, Mahi-Mahi, Lobster, Scallop and Squid. All of them, products designed to meet the needs of the United States.

The Sabanamar Group operates in Spain through the company Pescadores del Sur, in Peru through the company Sabanamar Pacifico, and Venezuela through the company Sabanamar Corporación.

Sabanamar wants to play its role through CSR in order to contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution, the promotion of sustainable fishing, and the improvement of coastal health.

Why Sabanamar

Sabanamar International LLC maintains the quality of the frozen product throughout the chain from the moment of capture, until the delivery of the product to our customers.

The main advantage of the Sabanamar Group is that we handle the origin of the product, we buy the raw material directly from the fishers and we have a network of production plants distributed in the countries of origin: Peru, Venezuela and Spain. This allows us to expand our offer of products throughout the year.